Who We Are

Reflex Media consists of three main pages: Canada Stocks, TSX Penny Stocks and TSX Watch. At the helm of Reflex Media are two young entrepreneurs, Matthew Nelson and Lucas Coles, both of whom became interested in investing during the Covid-19 lockdowns. 

Eager to start their own businesses, Matthew launched his personal brand, Matthew’s Millions and Lucas started Canada Stocks, now the largest Canadian finance page on Instagram. The two young entrepreneurs joined forces to form Reflex Media.


Through multiple platforms, Reflex Media reaches a wide audience, varying in interest, age and location, enabling us to promote your company on a larger scale. We have a captive audience; many are triple opted-in investors looking for the next big opportunity.  Our focus is on Canadian stocks and when three of our biggest platforms promote the same content, the excitement builds.

Our Audience

Our Competitive Advantage

Currently, there are no dominant players who consistently put out news about the Canadian markets. The United States, on the other hand, has Bloomberg, MarketWatch, and Motley Fool. Reflex Media is positioned to become the largest company for Canadian finance news and will provide investors with timely coverage.

Our Goals

Reflex Media is positioned to become the largest and most respected platform for Canadian finance news for companies and individuals looking to gain investor awareness.  Our focus is community, credibility, and accountability.  Canada is a country that has amassed a huge interest with a global audience investing in Canadian resources and commodities. Reflex Media aims to deliver daily updates on the companies investors are following.