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Who We Are


Reflex Media was started with two main platforms: Canada Stocks and TSX Penny Stocks. At the helm of Reflex Media are two young entrepreneurs, Matthew Nelson and Lucas Coles, both of whom became interested in investing during the Covid-19 lockdowns. 

Eager to start their own businesses, Matthew launched his personal brand, Matthew’s Millions and Lucas started Canada Stocks, now the largest Canadian finance page on Instagram. The two young entrepreneurs joined forces to form Reflex Media and have expanded their business ever since.


Lucas Coles

Lucas is an entrepreneur and managing partner at Reflex Media. Lucas is highly experienced in growing and managing financial networks on social media. Notably, he owns and manages the Canada Stocks community, a +20,000 audience of purely Canadian investors. Canada Stocks is the largest solely Canadian finance community on social media. 

Matthew Nelson

Matthew is a managing partner of Reflex Media and the host of Behind Success. Starting his business journey back in 2020, Matthew has built a network of credited professionals and investors throughout the lower mainland area. By creating value through marketing, Matthew has managed to be involved in multiple private placements in the last 3 years. 

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