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Step 1: Free Service

Firstly, we want to demonstrate to the companies that we work with that before anything else, providing value is the main goal. Which is why we feel a free service is a necessary before we earn the right to represent your company.

The free service can be anything including a social media marketing campaign, social media management for a period of time, editorial or some small-scale video production. We will take an assessment of your company's current media presence and decide what direction will benefit you the most.

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Step 2: Trial Contract

Before we jump to the ultimate media package, it may be a good idea to see what we can do on a month-to-month basis with multiple services being involved. This is exactly why we offer a trial contract to companies before they have to make the decision if they want to work with us on a long-term basis.


The trial contract is a 1 month package that involves various aspects of social media marketing, social media management and editorial. We will create a unique package that tailors exclusively to what we think your company is lacking media wise. Once the plan is in place, the month will commence and Reflex will be 100% dedicated to generating new investors for your company.

Step 3: Ultimate Media Package

Lastly is the ULTIMATE MEDIA PACKAGE, a 6 month campaign. This is where we lock in our long-term agreement and make your company our #1 priority. This package is for companies who want to amplify their message to an extreme and generate investor interest from various age groups and investor types. 


Included in this 6 month campaign is a range of services, short films, editorial on major sites, social media management, social media marketing, multiple interviews, etc... In the 6 months, we will do everything we possibly can to share your story in unique and creative ways while maintaining your message and delivering it to the right investors.

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