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Creating Nationwide Investor Awareness

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Reflex Media and its team can cover all aspects of your media relations objectives in order to spread your story nationwide. 

Our Specializations

Social Media Marketing

With years of experience building finance themed social media platforms and creating content that has recieved millions of views, we know what types of posts will drive your company's profile the furthest.

News Release Distribution

With our two platforms, video editing skills and interview expertise, we create content that gets news releases out there and makes it assessable for everyone to view.

Interview Production

One of our co-founders, Matthew Nelson has been interviewing guests for his podcast, Behind Success for years. With our experience and platforms, we can conduct interviews that allow viewers to get a positive in-depth view of the company.

Social Media Content Creation

We have experience forming all sorts of content, from video clips to bit-sized articles. We use our library of personal experience to shape and build the best content for your company's platforms.


With our various editorial connections and years of experience crafting company articles, we can ensure your company's message is delivered as clearly as possible and to the exact audiences you want to reach.

Video Production

Videos summing up news releases, company trailers, company short films and more. Through our various connections in the space and our expertise, we have the tools to amplify your company's message with video content.


How It Works

Reflex's Monthly Media Package: $3000

How It Works

In-House Services

Outside Distribution

Each month we are given $3000 to improve your company's awaraness. $1500 of the $3000 will be spent on marketing associated costs. Every month there are in-house services that we offer that aren't associated with the $1500 budget and will happen month-over-month. Meaning each month, the company will receive in-house services and an additional $1500 to decide where it is best spent for outside distribution channels.

Every month there are in-house services that we offer that aren't associated with the $1500 budget and will happen month-over-month. These services are:

  • 75k social media campaign across our networks

  • Company content creation

  • News release distribution across our networks

  • Video updates for every news release uploaded to the company's youtube channel

The $1500 budget associated with direct marketing costs can be spend on any one of these add ons throughout the month:

  • Editorial feature on, Behzinga, Kitco or Equity Guru

  • Extra social media awareness

  • Interview/podcast features

  • Newsletter features

  • Youtube video features

  • Anything else we can think of

What 1 Month Looks Like

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