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Meet The Founders.

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Lucas Coles

Lucas Coles, co-founder of Reflex Media, is a seasoned expert and enthusiast in the stock market. He started his journey in finance with Canada Stocks, now the largest social community for Canadian finance on Instagram. With a deep-rooted passion for the industry, Lucas pursued studies in finance at the University of Western Ontario, solidifying his knowledge and commitment to assisting companies in succeeding in the dynamic landscape of finance and marketing.

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Matthew Nelson

Matthew Nelson is a dynamic and accomplished individual hailing from Vancouver. As a driven student at the Smith School of Business, he has cultivated a diverse skill set that spans the realms of in-depth interviews, writing, and social media marketing. His unwavering dedication and expertise in crafting compelling content makes Matthew a valuable asset in the field of media and communication.

BeMetals 3 Month Case Study

BeMetals worked with Reflex Media From April-July, Spending $7500 Over A 3 Month Period

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